Dream of: 26 January 2020 "Plays In Madrid"  


 I am with a woman who is probably in her early 30s. It seems as if we live in Europe, and that we have begun traveling every day to Madrid to take part in an activity there. Being the nervous type, she is worried about how we are going to accomplish these trips. I have not given it much thought, but now that I do think about it, I begin pondering what exactly I am going to do in Madrid. I can only remember that we go there to work, to take part in a certain activity.

I start thinking - since we are going to Madrid every day, I would like to see some plays while we are there. I am thinking that I can arrange my traveling schedule so that we can fly into Madrid, and that after taking care of my business, I can attend a play, then fly back out. I figure that many plays must take place in Madrid. All I have to do is arrange my schedule accordingly. I should then be able to regularly attend plays in Madrid when I fly in.

I do not know if the woman will be able to accompany me to the plays, but I think it is possible.

Commentary of 27 January 2020

I have been reading a few dreams by a dream writer on the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) Facebook page who is contemplating asking his dreams to help him write a play. That seemed to me like an unusual thing to do. I think the idea of going to a play in this dream may have been influenced by him, as I wonder if he will actually write the play.

the key to work and

relaxing recreation

 is concentration 

Picture: Post Card, Madrid - Puente de Toledo, 1908

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