Dream of: 25 January 2020 (2) "Renovation"  


 I am in the Logan Street House (a five-room cottage in Portsmouth, Ohio where my mother lived from 1971 to 1977) which I now own. I am remodeling the House by tearing out everything so I can replace it. Two Hispanic men are working for me. A tall, third man shows up (around 20 years old). I ask them all if they want to work. The new fellow seems particularly enthusiastic. I do not know him, but I think I am also going to hire him to work for me. I put them to work stripping old wallpaper off the walls. Stuff is scattered all around on the floor from where we have been working.

I suddenly look up and see a policeman (probably in his 30s) enter the door. I do not know what he is doing here, but he has a boy with him. He holds up three sheets of white paper with the typed names and descriptions of certain people on them. I glance at the papers but do not see anyone whom I know. He asks me if I know Michelle - he does not know her last name. When he tries to pronounce the name, it sound something like "Glover." I finally figure out the policeman wants to know who is Michelle's boyfriend. I tell him I do not know for sure. I think her boyfriend is Hispanic. I say to him, "But she might have other boyfriends. I don't know." He seems satisfied with my answer, and he and I walk together out onto the front porch.

I am unsure if he is doing a sweep of the neighborhood and looking for certain people or exactly what he is doing. As we talk, I notice more Hispanics who look like young punks enter the House. When the policeman finally leaves, he hands me an unopened pack of Marlboro Red cigarettes, along with a little piece of colored cardboard on top of the pack. I reflect that I do not smoke, but since I think I may be able to give the cigarettes to someone, I take them. I am not sure, but I think he must be using the cigarettes when he questions people like a bribe to persuade them to talk. 

After the policeman leaves, I walk through the House and see that several of these unknown Hispanics are still in the House. One is all the way in the back of the House. One pretty girl is sitting on the back steps of the House. She is probably in her early 20s, and appears to have well-formed breasts. At first when I look at her, I think she is Michelle. Something about her looks like Michelle. I have to look at her two or three times before I realize that she is not Michelle. I do not bother the girl, but I definitely want these people to all leave.

I walk back toward the front of the House where I see yet three more Hispanics walk in. They are older (probably in their late 30s) and look more sinister and formidable. I know that I have to put all these men out of the House, but I sense that they are all dangerous.

I walk into the front room and see a person standing with their back to me in front of a wall. Their hair is dark-brown and is cut straight across the back. It looks like a woman's hairdo, but I cannot tell for sure if the person is a man or a woman. I feel sure, however, that she is a woman. As she turns around toward me, I say, "I don't know who you are, but I want you out of here."

Commentary of 28 January 2020

If you're dreaming it, you're living it. I identify the "Dream Maker" with the "Conscience." The first duty of the Conscience seems to be to point out the difference between right and wrong. Thus it is with the Dream Maker. My dreams constantly deal with what is right and wrong. 

evicting sin from

your life may turn an empty

house into a home

Picture: Logan Street House, Portsmouth, Ohio, 18 July 2000

Credit: Steven Collier

Public Domain

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