Dream of: 25 January 2020 "Reading Faulkner"   

 I am with a boy (probably in his late teens) and a female (probably in her mid-20s). We are all in a car - the boy is driving, the female is in the front passenger seat, and I am sitting in the back seat. The car almost seems like an old Model T. They have picked me up near Farley Square (a government-subsidized housing project in Portsmouth, Ohio). They are going to work for me today. Suddenly, however, I feel tired and I decide that I do not feel like working. I think I should pay them something anyway. Since I would normally pay them $10 an hour to work for me, I pull out my billfold and I hand $10 to the boy. Almost immediately, I cannot remember if I gave the boy the $10. When I ask the boy if I gave him the money, he stretches out his open, right palm over the back of his seat as if I have not already given him the money. Then, however, I see that he has the $10 bill in his left hand with which he is holding onto the steering wheel, and I do not give him any more money.

After he stops the car and steps out, I at first think I will now simply have the female drive me home, but abruptly I recall that I have another smaller car - not much bigger than a golf cart - nearby, and I think I will have her drive me home in the smaller car. I tell her to go and get the little car.

I think I also want to give the female $10, and I think I would like for her stay with me a few minutes longer, because I think I would like for her to read something to me. I try to think of what I would like for her to read, and I think I would like for her to read something to me by William Faulkner. I do not think she has ever read Faulkner. I relish the thought of hearing her read Faulkner, and I think the experience would also be good for her.

I think when we reach my house, I may lie down, and I may have her lie down beside me so that I can hug her. I am not accustomed to having someone lie next to me and hugging that person, and I wonder what the value of hugging is. Why do people ever even hold each other like that? Maybe the mere warmth received from hugging someone is sometimes enjoyable. 

Commentary of 26 January 2020

Just as William Faulkner's novels might become a part of my unconscious memory when I listen to them, so may my dreams become part of the unconscious memory of others who read them.  

readers of others'

dreams may receive some of the

warmth of the dreamer 

Picture: William Faulkner

Credit: Carl Van Vechten, 1954

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