Dream of: 23 January 2020 "Pulling Hair"   

 My friend Michelle (probably in her early 20s) is working at a convenience store in a gas station. I am with her when she goes to the station early in the morning to open up. She looks very pretty - especially her clean, brownish blonde hair. Since she needs to go across the street to do something, she asks me to watch the station for her for a minute.

After she leaves, people begin showing up and wanting to buy things. I recall that I watched this store for Michelle once before, but now I see that the cash register has been changed. I used to be able to press a button and open up the cash register for sales. Now, however, there is no button, and I do not know how to operate the cash register. Some people simply give me cash and I do not have to open the register. One woman wants $150 worth of gas. After she gives me the money, I tell her to go ahead and pump the gas. Another fellow wants $10 worth of gas. He hands me the payment which I first think is cash. Only after he walks outside do I realize that he had handed me a credit card. Now I realize that I am not able to use the credit card. Finally, I realize that the man had not given me a credit card, but his driver's license along with the cash. I think he did not need to give me his license. 

I am becoming more dismayed that Michelle is taking so long. I think I can see her on the other side of the street. I run out of the store, cross the street, and walk into the little house where I think she is. Many people are in the house. I make my way into the back room where I find here lying on a bed. She is playing a game. I am so angry, I just want to grab her pretty hair and pull her out of here. When I stick my hand into her hair, however, I cannot seem to grasp it.

I am so angry, I am beside myself. Finally, I run alone back to the gas station. I think I will simply lock it up. By now, all kinds of people are in the station. The man who had given me his driver's license returns inside after pumping his gas and I give his license back to him.

Michelle finally returns to the station. She walks around and talks about her and me entering into a real estate deal together. I tell her that I would never enter into a real estate deal with her after what she did today.

A woman who is apparently the manager of the store finally shows up and I give the money which I have to her. I slide a credit card through the machine several times to make sure that everything checks out. The result finally comes back to a zero balance, so it looks as if I did everything correctly.

I am still so angry with Michelle that I cannot see straight.

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