Dream of: 20 January 2020 "Robot"  

 Mairita (an internet dream journalist) and I are in a house. It sounds as if she is talking with someone on the phone about musical bands. She looks at me and says something to me about the subject. Probably in her late 20s, Mairita has a pretty face. Her complexion is clear and smooth. She seems intelligent, healthy, and alert. I am sitting on the floor with my back against a wall. I stand up straight. I assume that Mairita is talking about the heavy metal-type bands to which she listens. I am thinking of telling her that she may as well not talk to me, because I do not know anything about those bands. I reflect, however, that I have learned a little about that genre of music from Mairita, even though I do not listen to those bands.

The subject turns to plays, and I reflect that I do know a bit - not that much - about plays. I have the feeling that Mairita may want to go to a play. I never take her anywhere - so maybe I should take her. I know that a couple plays will be opening soon in Chicago. I look at something which contains advertisements for the two plays. As I look at the wispy advertisements I tell Mairita that one of the plays has already been canceled. She looks at me knowingly, as if she already knew.

The other play is described in mostly blatant orange colors in the poster, and is titled "Robot." I think we could still go to Chicago and see that play, and I seem to have a vague impression of a marquee with the word "Chicago" on it. I guess that going to see the play would be an excuse for a long road trip. Upon reflection, however, I am sure that I am not going to drive all the way to Chicago just to see a play.

Commentary of 23 January 2020

So far, my dreams of other internet dream journalists have been invariably pleasing - at least to me. I seem to experience a distinct emotional connection with other dream journalists when I dream about them which I do not experience with non-dream journalists.

robots will never

experience the joy of

human emotions

Picture:  The Day Dream, 1880

Credit: Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Public Domain

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