Dream of: 18 January 2020 "Church Of No Children" 

 My ex-wife Carolina and I are living together. She went on a trip, but now she has returned home. She had not been gone long - maybe a week or two. We had not been having sex before she left, but now I think we may. However, I have been having difficulty obtaining an erection lately, and I think I may not be able to become erect.

We are in a car and we pull into a long, concrete driveway of a place where Carolina apparently has been going to church. After other cars pull into the driveway, people climb out of the cars and make their beds here on the driveway where they apparently are going to sleep for the night.

I am thinking about joining a church, but I am thinking that I do not want to join a regular church because the regular churches do not believe the way I do. I wonder if there is a church for people who do not believe in having children. I think I will go online and try to find a church like that - a church of no children.

Carolina and I also make ourselves beds in the driveway, even though it seems as if we are alone in a house in bed together. I start to pull her close to me, but she pulls back somewhat. I become miffed and I ignore her. I lie by myself. She seems to be sitting up in the bed and I seem to feel her arm resting on my left leg. I am unsure at first that I can obtain an erection, but then I seem to notice that I seem to be getting an erection. As I lie here, I think I may start having sex with Carolina again. If so, I can order some Viagra. Since I think that ordering Viagra may be illegal, I think I could possibly order the Viagra in the name of my friend Wayne, and have it delivered to him. I could then pick it up from him. I might even give Wayne a half pill and tell him to try it so he can see how great it is. I know that I have had great success with the pill.

I am, however, somewhat worried about the health aspects of the pill. I know a man needs a strong heart to take it. I think my heart is strong. Maybe I should have some tests taken, but I think I will be ok.

As Carolina and I are lying next to each other on the driveway, she starts talking to someone else on the driveway, and they holler back and forth about the Viagra. I tell her to stop, that that is embarrassing. I do not want her to be talking to people about my taking Viagra. People are going to see me - and old man - with her - a young woman - and they are going to know immediately why she is talking about it.

Commentary of 21 January 2020

Something is calling me in my dreams. Publishing my dreams on Facebook is part of my answer.

a church is a group

of diverse people who have

mutual beliefs

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