Dream of: 17 January 2020 "Sign Of Lucidity" 


I am riding on a bus. The window is on my right and my right arm is lying on the bottom of the window. As I gaze out the window at the buildings passing by, everything seems normal outside. It occurs to me, however, that I could be dreaming. I do not think that I am dreaming, because everything looks perfectly real. However, I know that things sometimes look real, and it turns out that I am dreaming. The more I look outside, the more I become convinced - even though this looks as real as real can be - that I am actually dreaming.

I look at my hand which is lying on the window sill and I see that I have a tattoo of thin, red and black lines on the back of my hand in the area of the base of my thumb. Having a tattoo seems out of character for me. I take the out-of-character tattoo as a sign that I am indeed dreaming.

Commentary of 20 January 2020

Being aware of dreaming - while dreaming - is an unusual state of consciousness which is different from either dreaming or normal consciousness.

lucidity of

mind may be achieved by those

who pay attention


Picture:  Black And White Lines, 20 January 2020

Credit: Steven Collier

Public Domain

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