Dream of: 15 January 2020 "The Trump Administration"   


the power of dreams

may be clarified by the

power of the will

I have a job working for the United States government. In the course of my employment, I have come in contact with a man who apparently has lived out in the wilderness for a while. It seems as if he went out there years ago, and he met some American Indians who were living in the wilderness. As I think of the man, it somewhat seems as if I am fabricating this story as I go along. At the same time, it seems as if the story is true.

White men finally came to the area. The man went underground. I am unsure of his whole story, but I think there is something shady about what he is doing out there in the wilderness.

I am presently in the office in the building where I work, and I am being interviewed about something. The person interviewing me seems somehow aware that I know someone whom I have not disclosed to my employers. I myself know that I have not told them everything which I know. I still do not disclose that I know about the man living in the wilderness.

After the interview, a woman whom I know professionally calls me over to another section of the office, and she obliquely talks with me about this matter. I can tell that she thinks that I know something which I am not disclosing, but I think to myself that I do not want to betray the wilderness man.

The other people in this office still do not know what is going on, and I myself do not know exactly what is transpiring. I have the feeling that I should help my country, but I also reflect that my country does some things in which I do not believe, such as locking up many people for drug offenses. I know that my country is not always "just." I am only thinking this to myself, and I do not say anything to the woman.

Someone walks into the office and says that "John Malloy" wants to see me. I know that John Malloy is one of the higher-ups in the administration of President Donald Trump. Malloy often meets with Trump.

All the other people in the spacious office look at me, and I have a queasy feeling that I am sinking rather deep into this whole matter. I walk out into the hallway and ask where I should sit. I see a little office cafeteria, and someone tells me to sit there. I sit down and wait.

It is not long before John Malloy steps up. He is enormously fat. He reaches out his hand to me. As I reach my right hand toward him, I notice a small, irregularly rectangular piece of lettuce stuck to the palm of my hand. When Malloy notices the piece of lettuce, he withdraws his hand without shaking mine. I guess he thinks the lettuce is something dirty. I pull back my hand and start peeling off the little piece of lettuce on my palm. Meanwhile, Malloy asks me if I would like some wine. Apparently, wine is served in the cafeteria. I say, "Sure."

I am unsure if I am making a bad impression by accepting the wine, but I think, "Why not at this point?"

As he turns to fetch the wine, I stand here thinking about what I am going to say to him. I know that I must be truthful with everything which I say. At this point, I am unsure what all I am going to tell him.

Commentary of 17 January 2020

I am convinced that I can create a fictional character in my conscious mind, and then dream about that character in a series of dreams. The "wilderness man" and "John Malloy" are fictional characters, but they are not the fictional character about whom I am trying to dream.

truthfulness should come

as easy as a pleasing

breeze through leafy trees 

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