Dream of: 13 January 2020 "Amidst The Hills"  

I am traveling with a group of perhaps a hundred men in a hilly area. We seem to be in the 1800s - before motor vehicles were invented. We have stopped for the night. I have my own camper/covered wagon, although most of the other men do not have any shelter. I am not going to stay here tonight, but am going home. I lend some of my possessions to several men. One fellow asks me if I have any blankets which I can lend him. I become a bit miffed, and I tell him that everyone is borrowing things from me and that I am not going to lend everything. He does not say anything else.

An old friend whom I first met in high school in the late 1960s is present. I notice at one point that he has reached over, unzipped my pants, and begun playing with my penis. This is apparently acceptable behavior here among these men, but I do not like it. I stop him. It seems as if another fellow had done the same thing to me earlier, and I had stopped him. That is not something which I do.

Some of the men and I walk up a road. Apparently a couple saloons are located up the hollows between the hills. Some of the men are going to one of the saloons. Someone says that the ruins of old buildings are up some of these hollows. I wonder if anything like old coins could be found in the ruins. I am told that the ruins have already been dug out and that nothing is there to be found.

As we walk along the road, I look off the side of the road and I see a steep drop-off of 30-40 meters to the bottom. Tall trees are growing from the bottom of the cliff up to where I am on the road. I am close to the edge, but I am careful not to go too close. Someone kicks some dirt out from under me, and I back up from the edge.

We finally find an old building and several of us sit down together. A thin, frail, old man who somewhat reminds me of my maternal grandfather Liston (1897-1966) is sitting here. I feel sorry for him. It seems as if he had also asked me to borrow some covers, and as if I had said no to him, too. Now, however, I am thinking I may give him the key to my little wagon. I may even allow him to sleep tonight in my bed in the wagon. I feel sorry for him.

Commentary of 16 January 2020

I live on top of a high hill which overlooks the Ohio River. Kentucky is on the other side. I can see for many miles east and west. Right in front of me lie many hills of the great state of Kentucky - which was a slave state during the civil war, but which nevertheless did not secede from the Union.

the historical

remnants of sin continue

to haunt for ages

Picture: “Mystic Mountain”

Credit: NASA, ESA, M. Livio and the Hubble 20th Anniversary Team (STScI)

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