Dream of: 12 January 2020 "First Thing To Do" 


I am with an army which seems like something out of the 1800s. We have marched into an area which resembles Portsmouth, Ohio where we are camping. Since I have previously been here on another occasion with another army, I know that the first thing we should do is be sure that we have food - we need to go out and obtain food.

I talk to the commander about obtaining food, but he does not seem concerned, and he is unwilling to procure food for the men. I think cattle may be requisitioned from the surrounding area. The cattle would supply meat for the men. The cattle would have to be paid for. Whoever owned the cattle would have to prove that they were the owners.

I start thinking that I at least need to find food for myself, and I discover that I have access to some food. As I walk through a building I see that some food has already been prepared. I see a transparent, plastic bowl of red jello sitting on a table. I look into the bowl and see some cigarette butts on the bottom of the bowl. That looks disgusting! I think about taking a bite of the jello anyway, but I do not. I move on, still thinking that I at least need to find some food for myself here since the commander does not seem concerned.

When I walk back outside the building, I see in front of me hills which look just like the hills in Kentucky as seen from Portsmouth. I see a flash of something which looks like a fire atop one of the hills. I look more closely and see what looks to be a campfire, and I conclude that the enemy army may already be encamping on those hills. I think the enemy could attack at any time and cut off any supplies that my army could obtain. Since the commander does not really seem to know what he is doing, I am thinking this is not going to turn out well, especially when the men begin to become weak from lack of food.

    Commentary of 14 January 2020

The picture is of galaxy IC 1101 which is presently thought to be the largest galaxy in the observed universe - with 100 trillion stars! This almost incomprehensible number of stars makes me wonder about the purpose of armies on this tiny, little planet Earth. Yet it seems that part of the purpose of a well-lived life is to fight for something besides one's own selfish self.

on to battle on

to war for beauty life and

art for evermore

Picture: Giant galaxy IC 1101

Credit: NASA, 1995

Public Domain

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