Dream of: 11 January 2020 "Stung" 

I am supposed to meet a woman at a place where I think something which looks like a movie about Bob Dylan is supposed to take place. I show up at the place which is not like a normal, big, one-room theater -  this place has a bunch of small rooms. Apparently a show is going to take place in each room.

I look at the woman and I look at myself. I am wearing blue jeans and a sports jacket, while she is dressed professionally spiffy. She is probably in her thirties. She seems to be wearing beige stocking hose. I feel shabby in my clothing. I reflect that this is a blind date and that we each did not know how the other was going to dress. She is thin and very clean-looking.

We sit down in portable, metal folding-chairs with our backs to the wall. This place is crowded with people sitting in similar chairs. People are sitting immediately on both sides of us. The woman almost immediately stands up and says that she has to do something. She says that she will be right back, then walks away. I sit and wait. A couple times, someone asks me if they can sit down in the empty seat, and I say that it is already taken. One woman walks up in front of me and looks as if she wants to sit down, but then she walks to another seat and sits down there. I stand up and walk to her. She looks so much like the original woman, I ask her if she is the woman with whom I came here. I already do not remember exactly what the original woman looked like. Looking closer at the second woman, however, I realize that she is definitely not as attractive as the original woman.

When I finally return to my seat, so many more people have crowded in that other people end up sitting in the original woman's seat and in my seat. I walk to the end of the row where I see one last dark and empty chair in the shadows, and I sit down there. I look at myself and reflect that I look unpresentable.

I finally realize that the woman must have walked out and left me here. It does not bother me that much, but to think that she simply walked off and left me - that stings.

    Commentary of 12 January 2020

God is creating my dreams. I have to keep repeating that mantra to hold onto my belief that God is speaking to me with every dream. Clearly this dream is telling me to clean up and make myself presentable. Maybe cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness.

the purpose of each

person seems to be hidden

from rational view


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