Dream of: 09 January 2020 (2) "Transported By Art"


I walk into a store where paintings are hanging for sale on the walls. I look to the wall to my left and see 10-12 large paintings which appear to have been painted by the same person. I focus in on one painting. The scene in the painting looks like a comfortable living room in someone's home. Oddly, however, several brown-skinned, dark-haired, scantily clad, Polynesian-looking women are walking around the room in the painting. I notice that several of the other paintings also contain images of black-haired women. I also notice that the artist's name is written right in the middle of one painting. I do not like that.

I have been thinking lately of buying an original work of art for myself, but I do not know exactly how to do that. I think if I were going to buy an original painting, I would want to choose an artist who has already achieved some fame and whose name is somewhat known. I would buy a painting from that painter and then I would follow the career of that painter to know more about how successful the painter became.

I look up at another large painting looming right in front of me, I had not noticed this impressive, abstract painting when I first entered. I am not even sure this is an actual painting because it is so good - it may only be a copy. The painting has a cubist structure with many distorted objects in the body of the painting
In the upper right corner is a sun-like, white disk in which is written the name of the artist. The first name begins with an "H" and the last name appears to be "Hawkins." The painter's name's being prominently displayed in the disk does not bother me on this particular painting. I very much like this painting.

As I look at another painting, I almost feel as if I am in the painting, standing on Gallia Street right in the middle of downtown Portsmouth, Ohio. I am looking eastward in the painting toward the very center of downtown - about half a black away - where Chillicothe Street intersects Gallia Street,

Just as I start to walk across Gallia Street, a little red car, about the size of a golf cart, comes toward me west on Gallia Street. There is a stop light here, and I have the right of way, but the car spurts through the light and almost hits me.

I stop and observe more closely this colorful, picturesque scenario in front of me.

Commentary of 11 January 2020

The more I concentrate on dreams, the more I seem to imagine myself actually living in a fantasy world, even when I am awake.

focusing one's life
on the creation of art
can be transporting

Picture: "Hawkins"
Credit: Steven Collier, 11 January 2020
Donated to the Public Domain


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