Dream of: 09 January 2020 "A Walk In Paris" 

I have moved to Paris where I have been living in one small room for a little while. I am running out of money and I may have to leave. I go for a walk on the sidewalks of Paris. I have a red lawnmower which I have brought here with me and which I am pushing over the sidewalks. When I notice grass growing on the sidewalks in many places, I start the lawnmower and begin cutting the grass as I walk along narrow streets with - surprisingly - no one else around.

I end up in a residential area with large houses. I think the people who live here must have money.

I continue mowing the increasingly uneven and steep sidewalk until I find myself at the end of the street where the sidewalk extends almost vertically upwards in front of me. I climb up the extremely steep sidewalk which now seems more like a dirt path. As soon as I reach the top, I see one house sitting up here alone, and the sidewalk does not seem to continue. I turn right back around, and descend. On the way, I manage to drop my lawnmower and now I cannot find it. I think if I leave Paris, I may leave the lawnmower with someone here. I hate to take the lawnmower with me while I am traveling. It seems that I have now lost the lawnmower anyway.

As I continue walking around, I reflect that usually when I stay in Paris, I will get to know the immediate neighborhood where I am staying. I will walk around until I am familiar with that particular area, and I usually do not venture far out of that area.

When I am once again near my room, I notice many black men on the streets, mainly young blacks. There seem to be hundreds of them, and these are very black - African-black - men, with their heads shaved. I know they are from Africa, and I do not feel comfortable being surrounded by them.

I see one white fellow (around 30 years old) who is standing behind a little, waist-high wall. A vacant lot stretches out behind him. He has some small items which he is apparently trying to sell which are lying on top of the wall. I do not see anything of interest. I notice some playing-card sized cards lying among the other items. The cards display pictures of naked women. It seems rather disgusting to me that he would be showing something like those cards out here.

I begin talking with him. He seems intelligent. He speaks English. I usually do not speak English in Paris, but speaking in English is refreshing since I have not spoken English for a while. He uses some big words for concepts which I find interesting. I ask him where he lives and he says that he lives in another neighborhood. He does not live in this neighborhood, but he does not tell me exactly where he lives.

I continue talking with him for a while.

    Commentary of 10 January 2020

Dreams are illustrations of the path in life which we have chosen. They can also help the dreamer perceive the path which still remains to be followed.  

disgusting people

seem to attract even more

disgusting people 

Picture: Stephan's Quintet,  2009

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