Dream of: 02 January 2020 "Dancing In Church" 

I am in a cathedral-like church where a wedding is taking place, apparently for one or two of the children of Donald Trump. The church is full of people. I am standing with Trump and two other people (probably in their 30s) who may be - I am unsure - Trump's children. Even their sex is unclear to me, and I am not positive that they are the ones who are being married. I do not even see their faces, but at least one of them has black hair. Four of us are standing here facing the altar - Trump on the left side, the two children in the middle, and I on the right side.

Pictures are taken of us - I am practically a member of the family. I feel as if I am almost like one of his children, but I realize that I am not his child. At one point I stand off to the side so pictures can be taken of the immediate family without my actually being in the pictures. Then I move back closer to them again. My relationship with Trump is unclear, and I am surprised that I am even here in this capacity.

I have lain my bare, left arm on the shoulder of the Trump-person standing next to me on my left. I detect that Trump himself is obviously unhappy with the hair on my arm, and apparently he wants my arm to be shaved. He takes something like a disposable razor and shaves a track of soft, brown hair from my arm.

I am not enjoying myself at all - I do not want to be here. Nevertheless, I soldier through until all the pictures have been taken.

Finally, I walk back through the pews and the congregation to where my second wife Carolina (divorced 2006) is sitting and I sit down next to her. I am so glad to be away from Trump's family. The front of the church was crowded with people, but it is not so crowded back here. I notice that metal, folding chairs are set up for people in the room, some even right in front of the pews. I myself am sitting on a folding chair.

Suddenly, everyone in the room starts dancing. One woman even stands up on one of the chairs and dances. Everyone is wearing colorful clothing, especially the women, who are wearing dresses which seem to be designed with little flowers of many colors on them, and who begin dancing all around me in a blur.

I do not want to dance, but Carolina obviously does. I tell her to walk up front and dance with the others, but she does not - she stays here with me. Soon, however, even the people right around us start dancing, so I have to stand up with them. I even start moving my body a little bit myself as the dancing surrounds me. Finally, I simply join in with the exuberant dancing.

   Commentary of 02 January 2020

I like to dream about Donald Trump. He reminds me of Nebuchadnezzar and I feel like Daniel when he appears in my dreams - Daniel, the master of dream interpreters.

the playful riddle

of life can only be solved

by concentration 


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