Dream of: 01 January 2020 "Map To A Hidden Room" 

I have discovered a little map which I am following. In the process of trying to find something, I end up in the front yard of a white church. I follow the map and walk down the green embankment in front of the church. I am looking for something which I think may resemble a manhole cover, but I do not see anything like that in the green grass. Suddenly, however, I step on something big and hard which I quickly discover is a rock several centimeters in diameter. When I bend down and dig the rock out of the grass, I discover a metal manhole cover under several rocks.

I know that a metal nut - probably on top of the manhole cover - must be used to open the cover. I look at a peculiarly designed metal nut right in the middle of the cover and see that it is in the shape a particular tool which I have which looks like a metal pipe which fits over the nut. It seems that another person is now with me and that he has furnished the pipe-tool to me. The other fellow begins helping me (I do not even know where he came from).

The pipe fits perfectly onto the nut. After I turn the nut with the pipe, I see a short piece of a gray wall constructed of large rocks (almost Incan in design), hidden in the side of the verdant, jungle-like embankment. The other fellow and I manage to look into a rock room inside the rock wall, where a snake is lying on the rock floor. I am uncertain whether the snake is alive or dead.

Nobody else knew this room was here before I discovered it. I think this will be regarded as quite a discovery.

   Commentary of 01 January 2020

Several months ago I was trying to dream about rocks with a couple other Facebook members whom I had never met in person. It is sometimes helpful to focus on dreaming about something in particular with someone.

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Picture: Horsehead Nebula — Hubble’s 23rd anniversary image

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