Dream of: 03 December 2019 "Half-Buried Circular Rocks"  

As I walk around the bottom of the hill behind the Gallia County Farmhouse, I think I would like to take a picture of the Farmhouse. I look at the rear of the Farmhouse which looks good with its big, white, circular columns on the porch. I notice, however, that some of the vinyl siding at the top of the back porch is brown from dirt. Since I know that the Farmhouse has played such an important role in my life, I would like to have a picture in case someone would be interested in seeing what the Farmhouse looked like someday.

While I stand behind the Farmhouse, I notice an unusual site in the neighboring field. A gray, circular rock probably about two meters high is standing in the field. It has the shape of a wheel which is half buried in the ground so that only the top half of the rock is visible. The rock appears to have been placed there by humans.

As I look about fifty meters away from the rock, I see a second rock of the same size and in the same position buried in the green field. The two rocks are somehow connected, but I do not know how. I have never seen these rocks there before and I am unsure what they represent. I am curious about them.  

Commentary of 05 December 2019

Putting myself into a frame of mind to believe that all my dreams are created by God is challenging, but I know that I do not create the dreams. At least when I am awake, I have no memory of creating the dreams. So a different entity than myself must create the dreams. I tend to call this entity the "Dream Maker," but I really think of it is God. Nevertheless, I still have to strive to convince myself that God is creating my dreams and sending messages in the dreams.

The "rocks" in this dream seem to be represent "guideposts" pointing out into the universe, similar to Stonehenge.

messages from god

may offer some proof of the

existence of god

Picture: taken of the Gallia County Farmhouse circa 2008

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