Dream of: 02 December 2019 "Sense Of Liberation"  

I am visiting Mexico City with a woman (around 30 years old) who seems like my wife, but not exactly. The woman's mother (probably about 50 years old) is also with us. They are both Hispanic and have black hair. We are in a spacious lobby of a building, in the middle of which stands a round kiosk with jewelry displayed on each side. I am not interested in the jewelry, but as I walk around the exterior of this kiosk and gaze at the jewelry from different angles, an affable woman in the center of the kiosk, behind the counters, encourages my scrutiny of the jewelry.

Suddenly I realize that the original woman who had been with me, along with her mother, have disappeared, and I slowly realize that they have abandoned me here. I feel bad about it, but at the same time, I do not mind being alone.

I walk alone outside the building. This place is not the center of Mexico City, but more like one of its large suburbs. As I walk around, I notice that the air is clean, unlike the polluted air to which I am normally accustomed in Mexico City. As I stroll the city streets of this ornate area, I notice many buildings with statues on the sides of the buildings. A large, impressive bull is carved in bas relief on one wall. Other statues of men are in the area. I like the feel of this place.

Now that I have been left alone, I am unsure where I am going to go or where I am going to stay. I think I may never see the woman again. I find a place near other people who are sitting on the sidewalk, and I sit down in a spot on the sidewalk for a while. When I stand back up, I can see that I now have a particular place marked for me here on the sidewalk. I try to decide whether I am going to stay here on the sidewalk.

Actually, not seeing the woman again is exactly what I have in mind. I will just go my own way alone and not see her anymore. Although being alone and not knowing anyone here gives me a melancholy feeling, I feel a sense of liberation at the same time.

Commentary of 04 December 2019

Just as honesty may be a necessary component of enlightenment, so may liberation from attachment to anything be necessary.

the charms of women

are like the attractions of

diamonds jewels and gems  

Sculpture: Bas-relief of bull. Persepolis, circa 500 bc 

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