Dream of: 01 December 2019 "A Great Man"  

People are standing in a line to shake the hand of John F. Kennedy. I also get in line. I think about the time I saw Kennedy in person in 1960 when I was in the second grade and he was running for president, and how his motorcade stopped in front of my school, how he stepped out of his car, and how he waved at all the students gathered along the side of the road. I think I would like to tell him about that time when I shake his hand, but instead of going into all of that, as I shake his hand, I simply say, "You're a great man."

After I shake his hand and walk away, I think he probably hears that phrase "You're a great man" over and over. I would have liked to have told him about seeing him all those years ago.

I have a vision of Kennedy standing in the pews of a church. He is not wearing a shirt and his chest is puffed out. A man walks up with a handgun and shoots Kennedy in the chest.  

Commentary of 03 December 2019

Every dream I have ever had has been a surprise. I am not the creator of my dreams, but the way I live my life definitely affects what happens in the dreams.

imagine that god

could touch you with his mighty

and eternal hand

Painting: The official White House portrait of John F. Kennedy, painted by Aaron Shikler in 1970

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