Dream of: 29 November 2019 (2) "Leaving The Church"  

 I am living in the Logan Street House (a five-room cottage in Portsmouth, Ohio where my mother lived from 1971 to 1977). Both my mother (1931-2014) and my father (1932-2016) are presently living in the House. My father had not been living here previously, but only recently moved back in with my mother.

I awaken from a night of sleep. It realize that is Sunday and that my parents are going to go to church today. I think my mother only started attending church after my father moved back in with her. I also think my father belongs to a little group of men in the church, and that it is customary for members of the church to form little fellowship groups among themselves.

My father is insisting that I go to church with them, but I really do not want to go. Nevertheless, I stand up and prepare to go to church. I know that I went to church last week. It was not bad, but I did not like it. I remind my parents that I went last week. I recall their sitting off by themselves while I sat by myself in the congregation.

I really do not want to go again today. Nevertheless, I go with them. After we are in the church, everyone sits down. Once again, I am sitting by myself. Finally, I simply stand up and leave the church. As I walk down the street, I begin floating, and I float all the way back to the House. I do not know what I am going to do, but for some reason, King David is on my mind, and I feel a certain affinity with David. I think I will go into the House and read the Bible. I would like to read more about the life and story of David. I feel a certain consanguinity with David.

I enter the House and look at the large front room which is the bedroom of my father and my mother. They have the largest room in the House. Living here was not bad until my father returned and started living again with my mother. Now it seems as if I have been squeezed out.

I will just wait for my parents to return home from church. I think my father will be angry that I left, but I think that after this, he will probably give up trying to force me to go to church. He has tried his best, but I have rebelled. I think now he will probably leave me alone.

I do not know if I am going to lie down on the bed and read the Bible, or if I am going to sit down somewhere in the House and read it.

Commentary of 01 December 2019

Every night, God may be communicating with humans in their dreams.

enlightenment and

wisdom may be two rails of

an eternal track 

Painting by Pieter de Grebber 

King David in Prayer, (c. 1640)

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