Dream of: 29 November 2019 "Butterfly In My Hair"  

 I am talking with a female friend (about a year older than I who lives in Portsmouth, Ohio) who tells me that she has a new job. She talks about how she applied for this job, and she mentions that she has academic degrees which helped her obtain the job. I reflect that I have a doctorate of law degree myself, so it should be even easier for me to find a job if I wanted one, but I have no desire to find a job. My friend brags that she was able to obtain the job even though a police officer was also trying to obtain the job. I wonder what kind of job she is talking about. I cannot quite figure it out. I ask her several times and she tries to explain it to me.

As I talk with her, I realize that she is looking at me funny. I can see my reflection in something, and I finally realize that a monarch butterfly is fluttering in my hair right on the top of my head. My friend looks at me in the strangest way as I continue to feel the wings of the butterfly fluttering in my hair. I like the pleasant feel of the butterfly. It will not leave - it simply continues fluttering in my hair. Clearly my friend does not know what to think. She tries to tell me something as she stretches out her arms from her body in both directions beside her.

I think I need to write down this experience because the butterfly's fluttering in my hair seems significant. As I think about publishing the account of the butterfly, a specific female internet dream journalist (who is also about a year older than I) comes to mind. I think she might read the account, and as I think about the dream journalist, it seems that I have actually somehow incorporated her into this episode. I reflect that I have recently been concerned that I might have some negative thoughts about this particular dream journalist - it seems as if a rift has developed between her and me, and I have been concerned that I might consequently have a negative dream about her. Now, however, I seem to be having a positive experience with the butterfly, and the dream journalist seems somehow connected to this experience. I am happy that I am not having negative thoughts about the dream journalist. This is a positive sign for me regarding the dream journalist, and I think the dream journalist will also take the butterfly as a positive sign when she reads about this episode. I am happy about that.

Commentary of 30 November 2019

Signs and symbols are two different concepts, although both seem to require some form of intelligence to create them.

a sign in a dream

may indicate the right path

which one should follow

Painting by Yun Shouping (1633-1690)
Butterfly and Flowers

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