Dream of: 06 November 2019 "Wars Of The Roses" 

I am thinking about the Wars of the Roses. I think about the length of the war and the number of battles in the Wars. It just seems like too much information and reminds me of the way that dreams sometimes seem to have too much information and are difficult to remember and record.

I start thinking of the various battles in the Wars, and I concentrate on the Battle of Tewkesbury. I debate whether I should look at the events before or after Tewkesbury in order to make sense of the Wars. I try to think of other battles of the Wars and I remember the Battle of Towton.

I think that taken together, the Battle of Tewkesbury and the Battle of Towton fairly sum up the Wars of the Roses, but then I remember that one other battle is important - the battle which ended the Wars: the Battle of Bosworth Field.

Commentary of 06 November 2019

Eight of Shakespeare's plays lead up to the Battle of Bosworth Field where the misshapen Richard III meets his climatic end. What a long story that was.

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