Dream of: 31 October 2019 "Being Reliable"

I am involved with a publishing organization, but I need to leave for a while because I have to take care of something somewhere else. Another fellow (a specific internet dream journalist) also works here, and I am thinking of leaving him in charge of doing something involving a publication for me here. I have not decided yet whether the fellow is completely incompetent or untrustworthy, but I know that other people do not look at him as being reliable. Nevertheless, for this one project, I think I may be able to rely on the fellow. I do not have anyone else on whom I can rely right now, so I may leave the fellow in charge.

When this project is completed, a picture of the person who is responsible for the publication may be included. I will be the person who will make the decision whether a picture will be included with the particular publication with which this fellow would be involved. I have a picture of the fellow and I am debating whether I will include the picture with the publication.

In the picture, the fellow is dressed in a yellow shirt and black pants. He has long, black hair down his back, and he is overweight. His back is turned to me so that I do not see his face. Wondering whether I should include his picture with the publication, I decide that including the picture might be a step too far.

Commentary of 03 November 2019

Real life characters which appear in dreams may represent the actual person, as well as be a symbol for an abstract concept - at the same time.

running away from

reality in the end

is a truthless task

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