Dream of: 30 October 2019 "Seeking Attention"


I am inside the US Bank building on the northeast corner of Sixth and Chillicothe Streets in downtown Portsmouth, Ohio. A fellow wants to go into business with me, and for some reason, I have come to this bank building concerning this matter.

It turns out that two different banks are actually housed here in the same building. I have previously done business with one of the banks, but not with the other.

I talk with one person, then I sit down, and while I am waiting, I start talking to a second, black-haired fellow (around 30 years old) who works here in the bank. I tell him that my business is located in the Gay Street House (where my father lived and ran his business from 1965 to 1997), which is only two blocks away from here. I tell him he just needs to walk down the street for a block, turn left, and the House is on the next corner. He knows where my business is located and he knows who I am.

I ask him his name, and it sounds as if he either says, "Al" or "Hal." When I say the name back to him, he does not seem satisfied with the way I pronounce it. I ask him to spell it, and he says, "A, i, l." So I conclude that his name is "Ail," but I am still not sure exactly how to pronounce it. It has a funny sound to it. 

I reflect that I had not intended to visit the bank today - I am not even wearing a shirt. Finally, however, I am at least wearing a tee shirt. After the fellow and I talk a bit more, we realize that we know each other.

I tell him that I normally do not do business with banks and that my credit is not good. I do not presently feel as if I owe anyone, but I have not borrowed money in a long time and thus have low credit. I begin telling him about the new business which I am thinking of undertaking. I tell him that I have been dealing with houses lately - buying and selling them. I only own six houses right now. I have owned more than that in the past, but I have sold quite a few. Some of them are in good shape and some of them are not.

As I am preparing to leave, I see a woman who works in the second bank. I do not say anything to her, although I know that I have previously worked with her. When I leave, I have to descend from the second floor to the first floor. As I reach the top of the steps, I decide to float down instead of walking. I rise into the air, float down the stairs, then float out the door.

People are walking around outside on the street. As I float down the street, I reflect that people normally do not pay any attention to me when they see me floating, but I presently have the feeling that I would like for someone to watch me as I float. I rise higher above the sidewalk so that I am about a meter off the ground. To gain attention, I float out into the street above the cars.

I see a young, black-haired woman on a motorcycle coming in my direction. I turn around so that I am facing her and I float backwards in front of her. She looks at me with a look of astonishment, as if she cannot believe what she is seeing. I like that. I like when people at least notice when I am floating. I continue to float backwards down the street in the direction of the Gay Street House as the woman continues to follow and stare at me floating.  

Commentary of 02 November 2019

I only see two possibilities of what life is like after death: either the soul migrates to a spiritual existence, or the soul is reincarnated into physical existence.

the ailment of life

appears to be death for the

dull who do not think 

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