Dream of: 02 October 2019 "Cien Años De Soledad"

I have again been reading Cien Años de Soledad in Spanish, and this time the book is beginning to make more sense. I reflect that the book's many themes, time periods, and characters have been difficult to assimilate, and I have experienced difficulty discerning who was who and what was what, even though the book seemed to fit together as a whole.

Now I have become aware of the transitions between different elements of the novel, and how the transitions tie elements together. The book contains many transitions from one theme or person to another. Even though many elements are involved, by means of thoughtful transitions between the elements, the book flows well.

I think that I myself am going to write something similar to this novel and use this novel as a base. I will write something which flows together the way this book flows together.

Commentary of 02 October 2019

My dreams are like the elements of a novel and my commentary is like the transitions between the elements. At some point, the dreams are going to flow together and make some sense - I hope. I still do not see the reason for the existence of the universe, let alone the reason for my own existence. Yet I am surrounded by beauty and sometimes I even feel happy.

who can gaze upon

the wonder of things and not

believe in magic 

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