Dream of: 30 September 2019 "Breakdown"  

I am travelling by myself in a car across the United States when my car breaks down somewhere in the middle of the country. I take the car into a mechanic who owns an extremely large auto shop. I leave the car with him and spend the night in a motel. The next day I return to the garage and the mechanic informs me that he has repaired the problem, but he then informs me that I have another large problem with a metal component in the area of the motor. I ask him how much it will cost to repair the new problem, and he says "around $500." I leave the car with him.

I later return to the spacious garage in the middle of which my car is sitting alone. Four men who have apparently been working on my car are standing around it. It looks as if they have just finished replacing the defective metal part near the motor.

None of these four men are the original mechanic. This team of four apparently has been called in by the mechanic. I had not known that so many men would be called to work on the car, and I start to become concerned about the cost. I know that the original mechanic told me that this work would cost about $500.

A tall, fit, short man with short black hair who seems to be in charge starts talking to me. I ask if everything is "ok" and he answers, "Yea."

As I wait for him to tell me how much I owe him, he says something about, "... taking care of the family..." I think that he is referring to the family of the original mechanic and that he is suggesting that I contribute a little extra money to the mechanic's family, or something like that. This suggestion makes me nervous because now I think he is going to try to overcharge me more than the $500 which I originally thought this auto work was going to cost. I do not know what I will do if the man tells me that the work is going to cost more than $500. I wonder what I will do if the man overcharges me, especially if the cost is $700-$800, or even $1, 000.

As I talk with the man, I sit down on the floor of the garage. When I see one of the four men start pushing on something on the ceiling, I stand up. Suddenly water comes spraying out from the ceiling as if from a sprinkler. The men try to turn off the sprinkler, but they do not succeed. Instead, they accidentally do something which causes water to start spraying out of many more sprinklers scattered across other areas of the ceiling.

As the four men are occupied with turning off the sprinklers, I start thinking that I could board the car and drive away without paying if I wanted, but I conclude that I would not do something like that. Besides, I do not know whether the men have any identifying information on me such as my license plate number.

I stand and wait for the men to gain control of the situation.

Commentary of 30 September 2019

I am traveling in the dream the way I am traveling through life: I do not seem to know where I am going. Sometimes it may be best not to have a destination in mind, even though I tend to want to know exactly where I am going to be next.

without honesty

one's inner worth crumbles and

unhappily dies

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