Dream of: 28 September 2019 "Magic Bed"  

I am standing next to a bed which resembles my antique, single, wooden bed with the low, dark headboard. I realize that the bed apparently has certain properties, and I conclude that, handled correctly, the bed can magically move from place to place.

I lie down on the bed, and as I do so, the little finger of my right hand hits the headboard. For a split second, I have a small vision above my head of an older woman who seems to remind me of my maternal grandmother, Mabel (1908-1997). Seeing the vision certainly seems strange to me, especially since I do not know what Mabel has to do with anything which is going on here.

My hand hits the headboard again, and I see a box which suddenly appears in mid-air above the bed. I ponder, then abruptly realize that the appearance of the box is one of the magical properties of the bed, and I conclude that if the bed is handled correctly, different objects will be transported to the bed. I now realize that instead of the bed moving to other places, things will be brought to the bed.

Commentary of 28 September 2019

This is the 177th dream which I have written in which my paternal grandmother, Mabel, has appeared. The bed I sleep on every night once belonged to her. She died when she was 89 years old.

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