Dream of: 26 September 2019 "Lifesaver"   

I am in the Mabert Street House (a six-room cottage which I bought in 2017 in Portsmouth, Ohio). My friend Michelle is living in the House, but she is not here at the moment. Instead, Michelle's mother, Kimberly, is here.

I learn that a man has died in the House and that his body is in the basement. I do not know how the man died, but I know that his body has been down there for at least a day. Three men, all dressed in dark blue uniforms arrive to pick up the body. They descend to the basement and attend to their business.

One of the three fellows (probably in his mid 20s) in the basement finds a plastic box about a foot long which he calls a "Lifesaver." He wants to buy the Lifesaver from me and he offers me $2, 500 for the device. I do not know anything about the Lifesaver and I do not know where it came from. I ask Kimberly if she knows anything about it, but she likewise does not know anything about the Lifesaver.

Since I think Kimberly might know something about the Lifesaver, I try to call her on the phone, but I am unable to reach her.

The fellow has a check which he wants to give me for the Lifesaver, and I want to sell it, but I first want to know where the Lifesaver came from. I ask Kimberly if she can reach Michelle on the phone. Kimberly says that she tried, but that Michelle is on a training program somewhere probably until October, so Kimberly is unable to contact Michelle.

I suddenly realize that the Lifesaver was in the basement when I bought the House. I do not know exactly what it is, but I know it is a medical device. I now remember that the man died who had lived in the House before I bought it - I think that he must have left the Lifesaver in the House.

Now that I know that I have a right to the Lifesaver, I am ready to sell it. I see, however, that the fellow who wanted to buy the Lifesaver has left. I am unsure whether he took the device with him. I want to find him because I definitely want to sell the Lifesaver. I run out onto the front porch and look down on the street below. I do not see the cars below which the three men arrived in, and I ask Kimberly, "Where's the cars?

Commentary of 27 September 2019

I like having possessions, but they tie me down so much.

who will save your life

when your soul flees your body

into the unknown 

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