Dream of: 25 September 2019 "Bleach"   

I am on the 386-acre Gallia County Farm (sold by my father in 2016). I take a walk from the Farmhouse on the dirt road which runs west up to the top of the hill, and I pass the spot where the old tobacco barn used to stand. From the edge of the road I can look into the neighboring field and see that excavation is taking place and that a multi-story building is being built on the right side of the road.

I see two men in a truck. They light cigars, then leave.

As I proceed I notice something lying in the brush along the side of the road and I walk over to it. It is the size and shape of an old, multi-gallon milk can, only this object is made of translucent, green glass, and not metal. On the side of the container is an advertisement which says, "Bleach." I pick up the container, which is about a meter tall. I immediately know that this is a collector's item and that I am going to keep it.

I walk on until I find another, similar glass container, only the second one is blue, and says "Pepsi" on the side.

I grab up both containers and start walking back down the hill toward the Farmhouse.

Commentary of 26 September 2019

This dream definitely makes me think about veganism. To be a vegan seems like a great accomplishment to me.

transformation of

the soul is possible for

those who concentrate

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