Dream of: 23 September 2019 (2) "Written Communication"   

I am with Bonnie (an internet dream journalist) in her home. I have typewritten a dream about three pages long in which she has appeared. She walks into the room and sits down on the couch. I walk over to her and show her the dream. I notice that water has spilled on the top left side of the front page and has smeared some of the words, including the title of the dream, which is written in large black letters and reads, "Written Communication."

I want to read the dream to her, but we dally for bit before I begin. She is probably in her 40s and seems supple. She is wearing a long, silky, white robe which falls all the way to the floor. I wonder what it would be like to lie down next to her, or even on top of her. At one point she is blithely ambling around the room, and while I am sitting, her butt bumps into my right elbow, and then she moves on. 

Referring to her husband, I say, "What time does Joe come home."

She answers, "Friday One to eleven," which I take as meaning sometime between 1pm and 11pm today, which is Friday. I think it is already close to one o'clock, so I should probably leave. I respond, "Well, I better pull my pants on if he's coming home." I can see my blue jeans lying on the floor in the living room. I do not even have any pants on. I need to get moving.

Commentary of 26 September 2019

These two dreams were very intense for me. I posted them for about an hour on Dream Enthusiasts on the day that I had them, without commentary. After about an hour, I deleted them. Then I posted them on my personal FB page. Now I think I should post them again on Dream Enthusiasts with at least a little commentary.

Although I have known Bonnie for quite a while now, I have never specifically dreamed about her before. I want to dream about Bonnie because I feel as if I see so many details of her in her own dreams, details that I think I could fashion into an image of her in mine. Being able to dream about other internet dream writers is a pleasing ability and - speaking for myself - very enjoyable. However, I realize that some dream writers are disinclined to have other people dream about them and then publish those dreams online. Since Bonnie and I have never discussed my publishing dreams in which she might appear, I am uncertain what she is going to think about appearing in my published dreams.

So, Bonnie, if you object to these dreams being posted here, please inform me. If you do not object, then I hope these two dreams will be the first of several dreams in which you appear which I might publish over the years. My Dream Maker creates my dreams, but I can nudge them in a certain direction. 

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