Dream of: 21 September 2019 "Girl With A Ring"   

I am living with some people in a big house. I am sitting in a room of the house in a half conscious state when I hear a girl (around 20 years old) talking from an adjoining room in which she is standing. She is beautiful. She is slender and has blonde hair. I have dated her a couple times.

She is talking to another person and telling a story - I only half grasp what she is saying, but she seems to be telling a story about a fellow who gave her a ring at the end of the story. I become interested and I ask her questions about how she obtained the ring. She says something about going on a "ride" with the fellow. I ask her exactly where she had been with the fellow. It turns out that she had probably been in a restaurant when she had started talking with the fellow. Then the fellow had given her a ride.

Finally I have a complete idea of what happened between her and the fellow. I see how she met the fellow and how she ended up going on a ride with him. Nothing really happened on the ride, except that the fellow had given her a ring.

I have the feeling that her relating this story to me is her way of telling me that she and I are not a steady couple even though we have gone out together a couple times. She is saying that she is pretty and that she does what she wants to do.

I stand up and walk out of the room. It seems as if the girl and I had something planned for later today, but I walk outside, mount a bicycle, and start riding around by myself until I realize that I am in Portsmouth, Ohio. I have the feeling that this is my way of saying that I am not going to be any further involved with the girl. I know that people will wonder what happened to me and start looking for me. I ride around in the hilltop area of Portsmouth. My surroundings are green and beautiful. I enjoy being by myself.

I know the girl was out of my league anyway. She was like a beautiful model, and I know that any involvement would have only been temporary. Now I ride around on my bicycle and enjoy being alone.  

Commentary of 21 September 2019

Well, I am certainly not alone on Facebook. Publishing dreams on my personal Facebook page can be an intense experience.

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