Dream of: 19 September 2019 "A Moral Problem"  

I am in a room where I have started working for a large business. I have opened a small, cardboard box which contains some hardware, and apparently some software programs. I am unsure of the purpose of these items. I find a second small box about the same size: 6x2x2 inches. Finally, I realize that these two boxes arrived in a much larger brown cardboard box which contains 10-15 of these little boxes. Apparently all the boxes contain similar contents, although I still do not know the purpose of any of it.

I look at the address on the large box and I see that the address is incorrect. The address on the box is on "Cooper Street." The address here is not "Cooper Street." I finally realize that whoever delivered these boxes delivered them to the wrong address - these little boxes do not actually belong here. I think these little boxes are probably each worth $100 - maybe more - and probably fifteen of the little boxes are in the big box. I look at someone who is sitting nearby and I say, "I have a moral problem."

The problem in my mind is whether I should keep all the little boxes, or whether I should return them to the sender.

My boss walks into the room. He stands in front of me as I lie on my side on the ground and look at the boxes. I feel so tired that I can hardly stay awake. I want to go somewhere and go to sleep. I tell my boss that I am going to have to return the little boxes. He walks out,

I am so sleepy. I wonder what would happen if I were to slip off and find a place to sleep in this warehouse-like building. I reflect, however, if I were discovered to not be doing my work, the consequences would be horrible, so I know I cannot sneak off to sleep somewhere. Nevertheless, I can hardly hold my eyes open.

My boss walks back into the room. I tell him that I have decided that I am not going to return the boxes, but that I am going to keep them here until somebody comes to claim them. If no one comes for the boxes within the next month, then we will simply keep them. That is how I decide to handle the situation.

Commentary of 21 September 2019

"Moral fiber" seems like a part of the human spirit which could be exercised and made stronger by those with the strength and will to do so.

without life after

death life seems like a story

without a moral 

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