Dream of: 17 September 2019 "Paris Apartment"   

I have just arrived in Paris - where I plan to stay for a few months - and I am looking for an apartment. Since I do not know anyone here, I go to a building where applications for apartments are apparently being taken. I end up in a big room with dozens and dozens of people. I am not even sure how to apply for an apartment or what I need to do.

As I stand here, I see a line of people in front of me going through a door to an office on my right. Most of the people seem to be in their 20s and 30s. The line moves fairly quickly as people pass into the room. I cannot see what is happening in the room, but it looks as if the people have a short interview, and then walk back out. It looks as if several people are being interviewed at a time in the room.

People are also sitting on a couch in front of me. Finally I hear a man (around 50 years old) talking to a woman in English, and I speak to him about what is taking place here. For myself, I am simply observing at the moment, and I do not know exactly what to do. When the man asks me how long I want to stay in Paris, I say, "Probably about six months."

He looks at me incredulously, as if no one is going to allow me to stay here for only six months, as if the landlords only want people who are going to stay for years. I think I will try to obtain one of the apartments anyway.

I start realizing that I am going to have to pass through a scanner. I have all my possessions with me, and I know that I will have to put everything on a conveyor belt. Another fellow goes through the scanner and past the belt in front of me.

I have some heavy items with me, such as some tools, including a hammer. I think that laying the hammer on the conveyor belt may look suspicious, but it looks as if I need to simply lay out all my possessions piece by piece on the conveyor belt - then no alarms will be set off. I think if everything is set out in a big pile, however, then the alarm will sound. After the fellow in front of me passes through and nothing happens - no bells go off - I lay my things on the belt.

I notice that the fellow had also laid some coins on the conveyor belt. At the end of conveyor belt, the coins fall off into a transparent, plastic box. I see a large amount of change in the box - it looks as if people are simply leaving their change behind and not bothering with taking it. I also have some coins which I lay on the belt with my other possessions.

I become distracted with something, and when I look back toward the belt, I see that the fellow in front of me has passed through, and all my possessions - except for my coins - have disappeared. After I pick up my coins, I see that a pile of pennies has accumulated at the end of the belt, as if the pennies were not falling into the box for some reason. I think of taking some of the pennies, but instead I dip my hand into the box and pick up some silver coins.  

I not only pick up my coins and put them in my pocket, but I also grab a few coins out of the box - thinking I at least obtained a little extra money, although at the expense of losing everything else which I had.

I know that I had a camera amongst my possessions, so now I will have to buy a new camera. Happily, I at least still have my passport on my person. Having lost all my possessions, however, is going to be a big setback.  

Commentary of 19 September 2019 

a plan for success

should stretch to the second

of impending death

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