Dream of: 15 September 2019 "Vacant Lots"   

I am in a run-down area of a city where I have bought three vacant lots which are adjacent to each other. I am standing beside the lots and looking at them. I want to sell the lots, but I know that will be difficult in this area. The houses in the neighborhood are dilapidated. I think that someone could build an apartment building on the lots and that people would then flock into the apartments. Finding someone to build an apartment building here, however, would be difficult.

I walk around the lots. On the other side of the street are some businesses. I walk into a second hand store with goods lying all around on shelves. I ask someone if a Goodwill store is in this area, but there does not seem to be one around here. I browse without intending to buy anything.

I find a dime on the floor, then I find an Indian head penny. I find an old silver dime and several other coins. I conclude that someone found some old coins in the store, stole the coins, then dropped them when leaving the store.

No one pays any attention to me as I continue looking around, until one fellow (probably in his early 20s) starts talking to me. I am not completely sure, but it sounds as if he calls me "Steve." I am not here to make friends, but I finally look more closely at him. He seems like a rough type. His teeth do not look in the best of shape and I am unsure whether he even has all his teeth. I have the feeling that he is looking for work - or maybe just looking for someone to help him out.

I ask him what he does, and he stammers around. It sounds as if he finds women to live off of who will take care of him. Apparently he lives with one woman for a while, then goes to live with another woman. I reflect that I might need someone to help me with some things, but I do not think I am going to trust someone whom I meet at a second hand store like this.  

Commentary of 17 September 2019 

I am so attached to the land which I own, yet it ties me down like an anchor. Perhaps it is time to sell and move on.

wealth may become a

distraction for those without

personal power 

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