Dream of: 12 September 2019 (2) "Forgotten Ability"  

I am driving a car somewhere in the Midwest United States - a long way from home - when I pick up a fellow in need. He is a strong-looking, husky fellow who is probably in his 30s. He and I get along as we ride down the road together.

I am looking for a establishment in this area which I think is called the "Royal Hotel," but I am unsure about the name. I see an exit where I think the hotel may be located, but I do not see the hotel anywhere. The fellow also does not seem to know where the hotel is located.

Finally, my car breaks down. It turns out that we are not far from where the fellow lives, so we both alight from the car and start walking along a train track. I find something which I think will help me fix the car and I leave the thing lying beside the track.

A train passes by with some people standing on the train. A man in a suit hollers down from the train at the fellow with me, and the fellow hollers back at the man in the suit. Apparently they know each other. I have a feeling that this fellow knows many people in this area. I think it is good that I met this fellow because I might need to stay here for a while until my car is repaired. He may be able to help me. I reflect that I tend to become much more dependent on people when I am traveling than when I am home.

We continue walking along the track until we enter an area which seems to be a college campus with many college students milling about. We walk around for a bit. I am still concentrated on finding the hotel, but now I am unsure of the name. I think if I can find a newspaper, I might be able to look in the classified ads of the paper and find a listing for the hotel.

I find the college library and I walk in. I find a newspaper and look through it, but I realize that finding a hotel by looking in a newspaper is futile.

I walk through a room with many tables set up with all kinds of stuff sitting on them. It looks like the tables may be stacked high with some kind of baseball cards. I see one card which fascinates me for some reason. I think I could take the card if I wanted, but I do not want to do that.

I also see some movie posters lying here. I think a convention is taking place here for some fans. I see an interesting move poster with a famous, young, male actor on the front.

I walk back out of the room. We reach an elevated walkway which is about a floor above the area below us. The other fellow somehow descends to the ground. I in turn jump off to the street below. I am so high up, I hope I do not break my leg. I land safely and we continue walking. I reflect that I could have floated down from the walkway instead of jumping straight down. I know I have the ability to float, but I had forgotten about my ability. I made a hard landing, but I am uninjured.

We continue walking until we find a pickup truck which apparently belongs to this fellow. After we board the pickup, we ride back on the gravel beside the rail road track toward my vehicle. Now I cannot remember exactly where I left the thing which I thought I could use to fix the car. I hope the other fellow remembers.

When he starts driving fast on the gravel beside the train track, I ask him to slow down and I plead, "Please. Please."

He continues to drive very fast until we reach the spot where from which we started. I can hardly believe we made it back.

Commentary of 15 September 2019 

I wonder if the sensation my spirit will first feel when my body dies is similar to the sensation I feel when I fly in my dreams.

depend on yourself

while realizing sometimes one

has need of others

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