Dream of: 12 September 2019 "Seeking Refuge"   


I am walking around outside with a fellow who seems like my good friend from high school, Steve Buckner (1952-2012). Suddenly, I look up into the sky and am placed in utter awe when I see a passenger jetliner slowly descending head-first toward the earth in an obvious crash-dive. I quickly begin fretting that the jet will crash close to us and possibly put us in danger from falling debris.

Indeed! The jet crashes in a gigantic explosion of red and yellow fire not far from us and rains down debris. Thinking that some of the debris is going to land close to us, I look for a building behind which to hide. The vision of the airline crashing is awesome.

Commentary of 15 September 2019 

I do not remember having ever read a Facebook-dream written by someone with whom I attended high school. Nevertheless, I feel specially connected to my high school Facebook friends.

This painting of the Fall of Icarus was the first painting to come to mind when I thought of this dream.

the thought of death 

may occupy evermore

the minds of the wise

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