Dream of: 10 September 2019 (2) "Streetfight" 

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 I am standing in the back yard of a house when I see a fellow walking down the alley. Then I see a second fellow. Finally I see a third fellow with short black hair who is probably in his late 20s. I recognize this fellow as someone whom I know, although I do not seem to know him well. He looks like a rough character - not sure from where I know this fellow.

A car cruises through the alley, and as it passes by the third fellow, the driver of the car hollers something to the third fellow. The car continues on to the end of the alley, then stops. The driver steps out of the car and walks back toward the black-haired third fellow, who looks rather thin and frail. Obviously a confrontation is going to take place between the driver and the third fellow.

When the two meet, the driver starts throwing three boards - which he is carrying - toward the third fellow. He throws all three boards. I myself do not think that throwing boards is the best way to handle this dispute.

Once all the boards have been thrown, the two commence a physical fight with each other. The third fellow quickly gets the best of the driver, who runs back toward his car. The driver hollers something back at the third fellow, then drives away.

As the third fellow now walks back toward me, I seem to be standing in the second story of a house and looking out the window - at least I am higher than the third fellow and I am looking down at him. When he glances up at me, I give him a knowing nod. He nods back. I now seem to have some respect which I did not have before for this black-haired fellow.

Other people are here in the room with me. As some new people are entering the room, one fellow in the room says, "Get the panties off the table."

I see a coffee table sitting in the room. Apparently a pair of panties is on the table, but I do not see them there. I do not know whence came the panties, or anything about them.

The man is not even talking to me - he makes his statement to someone else. Apparently, however, a woman is entering the room and some concern exists that she might see the panties lying on the table and become upset by the display.

I myself do not know anything about the panties.  

Commentary of 13 September 2019 

Did the God of Gilgamesh send me this dream? Is one God the creator of the dreams of all humankind? Does a single God communicate to all humans through dreams? Does God send messages to humans in dreams? Why would such a means of communications be employed? Does God send messages to waking humans? Why would God need to communicate to humans anyway? Are humans part of a plan which God is instituting?  

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