Dream of: 10 September 2019 "High Stakes" 

I have recently been staying in a small town which seems to be like someplace out of the 1800s and with a certain Irish feel to it. I have met some men with whom I am now sitting at a table and playing poker. I am doing rather well. This is not the first time that I have played poker with them.

As we continue playing, I begin inventing a little story in my mind about playing poker. I think of two brothers who played poker together and I think that one would "win a lot of money," while the other would "win a lot of hands." I think with such a premise, I could write a story.

After the game ends, I stand up and ask someone here if there might be some place where a game for "big money" could be played. I have done so well playing here, I think I might be able now to play for some real money. It is not something which I do often, but once in a while, I do enjoy playing poker for high stakes.

Commentary of 10 September 2019

Sometimes betting everything is worth the risk.

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