Dream of: 08 September 2019 "Lost Keys"

 I have stepped out of my brown 1999 Windstar van. I seem to be in a parking lot on a corner of 11th and Gay Streets (near the Department of Motor Vehicles) in Portsmouth, Ohio. I have some papers which I drop on the ground. I notice an empty vanilla file folder among the papers. As I bend down to pick up the papers, I shut the door of the van.

As soon as I have picked up the papers, I suddenly realize that I do not have my keys. I think I have locked my keys inside the van. I look through the window and see my keys lying partially under some other papers on the seat of the van.

I am immediately upset. I am not even sure that I have a spare key to the van at home. I would have to walk all the way home to fetch the spare if I have one. I might even have to hire a locksmith to come and open the van. I know that will be expensive.

I am a bit distraught. I put my hand on the door handle and pull - the door opens. What a relief! I reach inside and pick up my keys. I am surprised that I was so stupid to think that I had locked myself out when I had not actually done that.

Commentary of 08 September 2019 

Sometimes I stupidly think that I have lost the key to happiness. What a relief when I discover that I still have that key. 

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