Dream of: 05 September 2019 "Granted One Wish"

 I have been introduced to a recently created group of people. This group is supposed to be represent the actual, early Christian disciples. The group is divided into four sections - one each for Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The members want me to become part of the group, but they first allow me to have one wish and do something that I want - something impossible. I say, "I would like to make love to ... with Marilyn Monroe."

They take me to one of the sections of the group. A rosy-cheeked woman walks out for me, and she is absolutely beautiful. She is probably in her early twenties. She is apparently supposed to represent Marilyn Monroe, although she does not really look like Marilyn. Yet apparently I am supposed to be granted my wish with this beauty.

A controversy, however, breaks out between two sections of the group of disciples and everything is put on hold. I am still thinking about whether I am going to become part of this group.

A question is brought up about waiting for "seven hundred years."

 I am unsure this is going to work out.

Commentary of 06 September 2019 

Metempsychosis. Christians believe in metempsychosis as much as Hindus or ancient Greeks. The soul transmigrates to another location when the body dies. The meaning of life is dependent upon metempsychosis, for without metempsychosis, life holds no meaning for the individual soul.

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