Dream of: 04 September 2019 "Business Cards"

 I am in a car with a gray-haired man who is my grandfather. He is probably in his fifties and I am probably about thirty years old. We are going to a voting station to vote.

I know that I am also running for one of the offices which is up for election today in one section of the county. The person who wins that particular election will then be in control of that section of the county. I do not think that I have much of a chance since I only moved here recently. I am not established and hardly anyone knows me. I believe that one woman in particular who is running against me is probably going to win. She is well-established here.

I talk with my grandfather. I know that he is somehow in charge of things around here. He is a higher-up. I ask him if he allows candidates to hand out campaign material at the voting stations. I think if I had some business cards, I could stand at a voting station and hand the cards out to the voters who see me. My grandfather seems hesitant, but he finally says, yes, that he does allow it.

I think more about the idea of business cards, and I do not think I have time now for business cards now. I think about what I would have to go through to obtain business cards. It is Sunday and all places where business cards are printed would be closed. I think about a printing company which I know of downtown. I could go there right now and perhaps they could run off a bunch of business cards for me. Then I reflect: "That's not going to work. It's too late for that now."

It is already round six o'clock in the evening and I think the voting stops around nine - so it's too late. I think I need to put out of my head the idea  of passing out business cards at the voting stations. Standing out there and trying to sell myself at the voting stations is not something that I particularly want to do anyway.

Commentary of 05 September 2019 

When is it too late? When dreams start telling me that it is "too late to succeed at something," I start wondering if it is "too late to succeed in life."

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