Dream of: 03 September 2019 "Aptitude Test"

 I am in a large room - probably in a school - where cafeteria tables and chairs are set up for a test. Perhaps thirty other adults and I are taking a multiple-choice test in the room. I was not able to study for this test - it is more like an aptitude test about what general knowledge the test taker has. I am unsure of the reason for the test, but I think it is important, and I work hard to answer the questions.

As we progress, people start finishing the test and leaving, until only one other woman still taking the test is left sitting on the other side of the room. Finally that last woman finishes and she likewise walks out of the room.

I am unsure how much time I have to take the test, but several women who are giving the test finally walk in and they seem impatient. One of them asks me if I am done. I flip through the test and see several pages which I have not yet finished. I am unsure whether I will be penalized for wrongly answering a question as opposed to leaving the answer blank, so I have not blindly answered any questions. I do not know all the particular rules of the test, but I know that I want to take the test as thoughtfully as possible and devote the maximum amount of effort into doing well on the test. I see, however, that my time is up. I stand up, hand in the test, and leave.

Outside the test room, I seem to be in a large office building with labyrinthine hallways. I see a man who I think knows me, and I realize that many of the people walking around out here are people whom I am going to know in a future community of some sort.

Right now I am concerned because I had a partly white dog with me when I came here. I am unsure where the dog is, so I start looking for it. When I finally find the dog, I see that part of the dog is invisible. I have previously experienced this strange phenomenon. I have deduced that needs to determine how to see the entire dog. I start walking around with the dog as I try to figure my way out of here.

Commentary of 03 September 2019

Life itself often feels like a test on which I am hoping to do well before I finish.

If souls do indeed live after the body dies, then where is the spirit world to which they ascend?

I like being alive. If I do not walk through death's door into the spirit world, I would like to return to earth and live here again. Of course I would rather be an angel in heaven, but the earth is better than nothing.

Way too many people populate the world today, yet here I am thinking that I would be willing to reincarnate and add to the future population problem.

I am just a little anxious about the womb into which I might be placed the next time around.

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