Dream of: 01 September 2019 "Cincinnati Courtroom"

 My old handyman Adolph (probably in his late 40s) is accused of buying something for $1, 500 and not paying for it. Now the man who sold the thing to Adolph has sued him.

Adolph is in a courtroom in Cincinnati. I walk into the courtroom where Adolph is. Since he does not have anyone to represent him, I decide to try to help him. I walk up to the judge who is sitting on a high bench, and I tell him that I am an attorney and that I am here to represent Adolph. When the attorney for the other side also walks up to the bench, I have the feeling that we may be able to resolve this matter.

The attorney and I walk back to the counsels' table and start talking. The man who sued Adolph is also here. He has gray hair and is probably in his 50s. I ask to see the agreement which was entered into for the sale of the item. The attorney pulls out a little piece of paper about two centimeters long and a centimeter wide and hands it to me. A few words are written on the paper. I find the paper laughable. I scoffingly ask if the paper is signed - clearly it is not. I think to myself that any sale of merchandise for over $500 must be signed. At least I think that is the law in Texas, although I am not completely sure that is the law in Ohio.

We finally agree not to try the case today, but to return tomorrow. We all leave and I become separated from Adolph. I start worrying that Adolph is not aware that he is supposed to return tomorrow. I try to contact Adolph, but I cannot reach him. I also try to contact his mother, but I cannot reach her either. I do not know how to reach Adolph.

I also start to think that I am not actually licensed to practice law in Ohio. Because I am licensed to practice law in Texas, however, I think a provision in Ohio law provides that I can work on individual cases in Ohio. I think I should have brought this to the judge's attention when I talked with him earlier. Now I may have a problem because I will have to explain to the judge that I am not actually licensed in Ohio, but that I am licensed in Texas, and that I am allowed to represent individual people in court in Ohio.

I also think I should notify the other side that I am licensed in Texas but not Ohio. I need to prepare a written motion which I have not done yet. The whole process is seeming problematical and is starting to make me feel a bit queasy.

Commentary of 01 September 2019

Avoid overextending yourself when trying to help others.

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