Dream of: 30 August 2019 "Willow"

I am with some people who seem connected to the French online dream-sharing group: "attrape-songes." When this group of people encounters a second group of people, someone in one of the groups refers to someone in the other group by saying, "Willow. That son of a bitch."

I am taken aback by what the fellow says, but the name "Willow" makes me start thinking, "That's somebody I know online - on an online dream group."

It seems to me that Willow is the name of one of the members of attrape-songes.

Commentary of 31 August 2019

Oftentimes dreams seem to be guideposts pointing us the direction we should take in our waking lives. Learning to follow our dreams seems to first mean to understand what our dreams are telling us.

The members of attrape-songe remind me of characters in the series of books by Marcel Proust called A La Recherche Du Temp Perdu. Such a group of people, however, has never existed as are on attrape-songes.

Commentaire de 30 August 2019

 J'aimes de lire les rêves dans le site attrape-songes. Je voudrais connaître quelques uns des persons dans cette site. Et aussi je voudrais avoir des rêves lucides.

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