Dream of: 29 August 2019 "The Squeeze"

I am in a room with an attractive, blonde woman (around 25 years old). We talk for quite a while. We are in one part of a house and other people seem to be in other parts of the house. We sit down on a couch next to each other with her on my right. I am quite attracted to her. She is very pretty and has a shapely figure, but I do not think that she would want to become involved with me in any way because I am so old. I know, however, that some younger woman do become involved with older men.

After we have sat next to each other for a while, she finally puts her left hand on my right hand and starts holding my hand. It feels really good. Finally, I lift my right hand up and touch her neck. I then lower my hand over her left breast. When she offers no resistance, I begin squeezing her breast. It seems as if she is wearing two shirts. The feel of her breast is exquisitely pleasurable.

I realize that I have an erection. I think my erection will quickly evanesce, but it remains strong for quite a while. I am unsure where this is going to end up.

Commentary of 29 August 2019


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