Dream of: 28 August 2019 "Te Gusta Mi Camisa"

I am wearing a white tee shirt which has a Spanish sentence written in black letters on the front. My friend Michelle (probably in her late 20s) comes along. She also tries on a white tee shirt with some black writing on the front. Since there may be some reference to drugs in the writing, I do not think she should wear it.

She puts on another shirt. The large black letters on the front of the shirt seem to form in my mind even as I am looking at it. The words are clearly "Te gusta mi camisa". I do not distinctly see a question mark, but the sentence seems to be in the form of a question.

Commentary of 29 August 2019

Dreams may not be simple random occurrences. Each dream may be created by the same intelligence which created the universe. Understanding dreams may be on a par with understanding the universe.

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