Dream of: 26 August 2019 "Storage House"

I walk into my red-brick Stanton Avenue Cottage (in New Boston, Ohio) which I have been using solely for storage. No one is supposed to be living here, but when I walk into the front room, I am astonished to see a leather couch - with end tables at each end - set up against the west wall. I know that I did not put the couch in here - I have never even seen it before. Obviously someone has been coming into the Cottage. That seems strange because I had not noticed any broken windows, and I do not think that anyone has a key to the door because I put a new lock on the door. Obviously, however, someone has been here.

Commentary of 27 August 2019

Here is a picture of the Stanton Avenue Cottage in New Boston, Ohio,  taken on April 10, 2019. I bought the Cottage at a sheriff's tax sale sometime before June 2018, when it was deeded to me. I still own it. It is empty. It needs a lot of work. I seem to have become attached to it. Like life. I am attached to being alive even though I know that I am going to die.


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