Dream of: 25 August 2019 (2) "Bankruptcy And Parole"

I am inside the Scioto County Courthouse in Portsmouth, Ohio, where I am going to see a judge who is going to appoint me as attorney in some legal cases. The judge proceeds to appoint me to a bankruptcy case, and to a criminal parole hearing.

I wait a couple weeks before I do any work on the cases, then, suddenly, I realize that I have put off the work. I was busy with something else during the first week. During the second week, I simply did not attend to the matters.

Now I am beginning to worry. I think I need to go to the courthouse and check the files on these two cases. Up to now, I have not done a single thing.

I go to see a specific attorney whom I know in Portsmouth. He sits across from me as I tell him about the cases which I am handling. I finally ask him if he has ever handled a bankruptcy case. He stares at me, then says, "Yes."

Now, I think that he will at least be able to tell me where to go to find the file for the bankruptcy case. Suddenly, however, I realize that I am not even admitted to the federal court in Ohio. I know I will have to be first admitted to the federal court before I can work as an attorney on a bankruptcy case. I ask the attorney if he is admitted to the federal court, and he tells me that he is. I tell him that I will probably need him to vouch for me so I can be admitted. I think I can probably count on him to do that.

I start thinking about the parole case. I have not yet done anything on that case either. I think if I missed a hearing on the parole case, I would probably be sued by the inmate whom I am supposed to be representing. If I miss a parole hearing, a couple years might pass before the inmate would receive another parole hearing. The inmate may be hoping to be paroled from jail, and I may have just blown the whole thing for him. I definitely need to find out about the parole case.

These legal cases are wretchedly worrisome.

Commentary of 27 August 2019

Work is calling. Sometimes I just want to be in a small room with my computer, my phone, and an internet connection. I need to simplify my life. I think that is what the dream is saying: Concentrate on simplifying your life.

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