Dream of: 25 August 2019 "Exciting Walk"

I am walking on a sidewalk in Dallas. I want to take a bus downtown. I see people gathered at a certain spot and I think they must be waiting for a bus, although I cannot tell exactly where the bus will stop. As I am looking for the bus-stop sign, an olive-green bus pulls up. A few people climb onto the bus. I think about boarding, but I am unsure if this bus is going downtown. As the bus driver shuts the door, I turn to a man in uniform standing near me, and I ask him if the bus goes downtown. He answers, "Yes."

Since the bus driver has not completely shut the door, I step toward the bus and ask the driver if he is going downtown. He answers, "Yes."

I ask him if I can get on. He answers, "Yes."

Nevertheless, he shuts the door before I can board. I see a second door a little farther back on the bus. The driver pulls forward a little and allows me to board the bus through the second door.

After the bus proceed a short way, I start seeing tall buildings around me and I realize that I am close to downtown. After being on the bus for only a short distance, I climb back off.

I walk around and regard the magnificent buildings around me. Much activity is taking place on the street. Big artificial animals like floats in a parade move in various parts of the street.

I am thinking to myself that I live close to downtown - I could come here any time that I want. Being out here is rather exciting, and I think that more is happening here in downtown Dallas than in downtown New York City. Many people are on the carnival-like street.

I walk into building and continue walking until I reach a wide escalator which is descending down perhaps two or three stories into a subterranean level. I see a machine beside the escalator for depositing a quarter to take the escalator. I also see a narrow set of stairs beside the escalator which are free. I decide to take the stairs and I start descending the stairs. I soon start sliding down the stairs. I have this ability to slide just by hitting the top edge of the stairs with my shoes. I slide all the way to the bottom.

I think people are watching me. I see a police officer near the bottom. Worried that he might think that my sliding is suspicious, I slow down. The policeman does not bother me.

I descend into a subterranean area which seems something like a large mall. Suddenly I hear something which sounds like gun shots. Upon reflection, I am sure that the sound is gun shots, and I quickly conclude that a bank is being robbed. Many people are sitting around a lobby-like area, and one man is sitting in front of several monitors. No one seems to know what to do - and I also do not know what to do. I wonder if I should start running. The man looking at the monitors abruptly says, "That's my mother."

I deduce that the man's mother is caught in the middle of the bank robbery.

I can hear something going on just around the corner on my right. Rapid fire suddenly breaks out. I hear something which sounds like a piece of metal falling on the ground, and I think the sound is emanating from a hand gun hitting the ground. It looks as if the robbers have been contained.

Commentary of 26 August 2019

I wonder if anyone else has this ability to slide down stairs just by hitting the edge of each step with the foot. I have done this many times in dreams and it is always exhilarating, but I have never heard of anyone else doing it.  

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