Dream of: 24 August 2019 "Rising Moon"

I am sitting in the light of day on the front deck of my Hilltop Home and    am gazing southward at the vista of Kentucky on the other side of the Ohio River. Instead of viewing green fields, however, I seem to see a city of many buildings sparkling beyond the farther shore. Right in the middle of my vision - behind the buildings of the city - a full, orangish-red moon is rising.

 I am immediately surprised because I have never seen the moon in that location. I know that the moon follows a definite path across the night sky, and I have never seen the moon rising from the middle of the horizon right in front of me like that. I would have expected the moon to rise from its usual spot in the east, not right in the middle of the horizon. Besides, I had not even expected to see the moon tonight because - according to my calculations - the rising should take place much later in the night. 

Commentary of 24 August 2019

All dreams may be created by God and may contain messages from God. Dreams may be one of God's main means of communicating with man. Just imagine a being - which created the moon and the sun and the Milky Way Galaxy and the entire Universe - actually taking the time to communicate with a single dreamer. It seems like an unfathomable mystery wanting to be fathomed.

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