Dream of: 22 August 2019 "Stairwell To The Roof"

I am on top of the roof of the Gay Street House (a stately Victorian house on the southeast corner of Eighth and Gay Streets in Portsmouth, Ohio into which my family moved in 1965 when I was 12 years old and where my father lived until 1997). I am repairing the roof. Right next to the House is standing a small square building with a roof the same height as the one on which I am working. Perhaps ten firemen in yellow plastic suits are on the roof of that other building. The roof of that building is much smaller than the roof of this House.

We are all high in the air. It is dangerous up here. Something suddenly happens and all the firemen leave the roof. I do not know how they did it, but they are all abruptly no longer on the roof. They disappear so fast, I am unsure how they descended. I wonder if they might have fallen off. I do not even know how they reached that roof in the first place. I see no ladders. I know that I myself reached the roof of the House by a complicated means.

I encounter a woman on the roof (she somewhat reminds me of a specific woman whom I know in Portsmouth). She is around 40 years old and hefty. She leaves the roof of the House around the same time as the firemen disappear from the roof of the little building next door. I am likewise unsure how she descended.

Once she is inside the House, she begins flirting with a young, male medical doctor. Something is said about "anal sex." It is unclear, but apparently she said something, and the doctor twisted her words. I have questions in my mind about the doctor.

A few days later, I am once again inside the House, and the doctor is again talking with the woman. They are both sitting on the floor. The doctor is sitting in front of her and he may be looking up her dress.

I suddenly recall that I still do not know how the woman descended from the roof. When I ask her how she came down, she tells me that she descended through the attic. She further explains that a stairway exists in a corner of the attic. It seems as if I heard about this stairway years ago, but I had forgotten about it. I want her to show me where the stairway is. I am excited to think that a stairwell, about which I am unaware, exists in the Gay Street House. 

Commentary of 24 August 2019

I try to view my dreams as direct communications from God. That is the method which makes most sense to me. I believe that all dreams to all people may be direct communications from God. "Dreams" may literally be "the language of God."

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